Commission a Pet Portrait

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Having a pet portrait of your beloved pet is very special. It's a beautiful keepsake to have. 

Sending a photo

Once you have selected the size you then need to send on photos of your pet/pets to

Once I receive the photos I will then be in contact with you in regards to background colours of your choice. See example in photo. I only paint the pet from head to neck


Prices start at €145.00 but you can pay a 50% deposit. Once the portrait is complete I will email you an invoice with the remaining amount due. 

For me to give you the best possible portrait of your loving pet/pets it's important that you have a great quality head/neck photo for me to work from. You can send me a few photos and I will then be able to pick the photo that is the best quality. 

My Tools

My pet portraits are painted on a high quality canvas using high quality acrylic paints. Once the painting is complete I use a satin varnish to protect the painting.  

 Turnaround times

I will complete your pet portrait in 3/4 weeks. I will be contact throughout the process with sending you updates on the portrait and anything that you would like to change along the way. 

once I have completed the portrait I will be contact with you via email. Your pet portrait will be packaged and sent as registered post which is included in the price. 



If you would love a Pet Portrait commissioned by me please get in touch.